Digital Universal System

Quantum Medical Imaging, designed the QV-800 Digital Universal System, a world-class direct imaging system, for use in all general radiology applications.

The QV-800 incorporates many advanced operational and ergonomic features, with virtually unlimited positioning. The QV-800 Radiographic Projections and anatomical design inherently maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of C-Arm rotation or image receptor tilt. Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients, including those who are physically restricted.

With a focus on today’s technology, all Quantum systems provide a path for conversion from analog imaging to Quantum’s digital imaging platform.

The QV-800 is a single detector
system that provides film-less
radiography while offering
exceptional system positioning
capabilities. Using a highly
sensitive digital detector, the
QV-800 provides excellent
detailed radiographic images for
optimized diagnostic capabilities.

Nuri UYAR 2022