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Brief Overview About The GE MRI 750W 3T

The Discovery MR750w 3.0T combines a caring design with insightful technology to meet the needs of both clinicians and patients.

They have integrated the power of 3.0T with a 70cm wide bore that patients deserve. And that’s just the beginning.
Innovative technological developments—including MultiDrive RF Transmit, Optical RF, a 50 cm usable FOV and high-performance gradients—have all been designed with the human element in mind,
delivering a welcoming experience, high performance and exceptional versatility.

*MultiDrive RF Transmit
*Fully automated and independent RF pulse amplitude and phase control produce consistently clear 3.0T images
*OpTix Optical RF
*Offers high channel count, analog to digital-optical signal conversion where it matters—inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation, but away from the patient
*A large usable field of view is needed to properly image off-center anatomy such as a shoulder or hip. So the Discovery* MR750w features a 70 cm flared, open bore design with a large 50 x 50 x 50 cm field of view
*Gradients and RF body coils are water and air-cooled for optimum duty-cycle performance, short repetition time (TR) and echo time (TE), producing sharp and clear images
*The GEM Suite of flexible coils embrace the patient, bringing both function and comfort while helping to minimize anxiety and motion during the exam.
*Intuitive applications help clinicians utilize the full potential of 3.0T MR imaging.

Clinical Use – Whole Body
Gantry (Max. Clearance) – 70 cm
Magnetic Field Strength – 3 T